Recent Photo Shoot with Elleni Toumpas

I had a wonderful time working with Elleni Toumpas on our recent photo shoot! She has worked with such artists as Kate Miller-Heidke and shoots for street press magazines such as Rave, The Vine, Mess and Noise. We collaborated on ideas which led me to painting a 5m water colour backdrop by hand with a tiny sponge and a hair dryer! It was Elleni’s idea to spray paint the apple however, which really worked in with the theme (awkard fairytale mess)

The dress I wore was designed by myself and a small company called Fox and Cherry. Lucy’s dress was loaned by a retro dress shop called RaRa Superstar, and the boys.. well they just bought their entire wardrobes 🙂

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Photographer, Elleni Toumpas, Dress by Fox and Cherry