Announcement, SINGLE RELEASE!

So, we are very happy to announce, that our new single “Space” will be released in 2 weeks time, and to celebrate, we are having a launch in Brisbane:

Melbourne was a blast, now after a short recovery, we are ready to rock in Brisbane, with the help of some other lovely local talents! In the meantime, we are planning a new Music Video to go along with it, with the wonderful Belinda McColloch (she produced our last video clip “Little Trees”)

“Space” should be on radio, very soon!

– Elm

News from the road!

So we are having an amazing time touring around Australia at the moment, we started off with our big festival show at Caloundra Music Festival, with which we were met with a full packed audience, who laughed at my every joke! We then continued onto the green room back stage later where I got to jam with one of my all time favorite bands; Trombone Shorty, by chance James Peeters didn’t know who he was, and started drumming along with Shorty’s keyboard playing, and then they persuaded me to get up and sing.. man did I show him, he said ‘damn girl’. I may have jumped and screamed in victory later.. when no  one was looking.

Our next stop (after a dreary 14 hour long road trip) was Wollongong. We were met with beautiful blue skies and wonderful sea side scenery. Our lovely fans in ‘the gong’ didn’t let us down, dancing their hearts out from set start to finish (stay tuned for footage!)

And then, it was the Eastern Lounge, always a pleasure to play to our friends, the North Shore Sydney Crowd! It was the most humble we had felt in a while, with so much appreciation for our music, we had to create our own signing table! The next gig followed the night after in Surry Hills, at the infamous “Hibernian House”, which really isn’t a house at all, but a maze of graffiti decorated walls, levels of art and basically, the raddest place I’ve ever played a gig by far. We wowed the audience with our sneaky quirkiness, and I resorted to skulling wine on stage.. as I had a throat infection… but on the plus! Here’s some footage from that swell gig!

Miss Elm @ Hibernian House

That’s it for now!, tomorrow night we are playing @ The Joynt, supporting the U.S artist Gregory Page – songwriter, crooner and astronaut. Oh, then we fly to Melbourne, to play with Dash, and Bernie Carson, at the Wesleyanne!

See you there!