Uno.So happy to be doing a show in Melbourne with the awesome Eden Mullholland (he used to be an excellent contempory dancer, and in that NZ band Motorcade) on June 7th at the Grace Darling, we will be showing off some new material!

Dos.We just got out of the studio’s recording a new song with the Indie 100 project, working with some of the best producers Brisbane has seen. They also had a big supply of Red Bull… kept us all on edge.

Tres. We have a new song on Unearthed! Check out and rate ‘Baby Song’ here –

Don’t forget our new EP is available for purchase on BANDCAMP now

Oh my, so much to tell you!!! Can’t wait to share more soon




Want to see us live?

Latest Review of our Recent Sydney Show

Warchief, Little Napier, Miss Elm

Oxford Art Factory

The elfin Miss Elm took the stage amidst the cluster of level 100 hipsters (most of whom had their backs turned – too busy stroking their beards) but though she be small, the songstress took control and like a sugar-pumped toddler began cooing and ‘ahhing’ with such a genuine bliss, most couldn’t help but turn around. Her combination of chirping vocals and disjointed notes (with a melodica thrown in there) was the perfect skipping start to break the musical drought.

By Natasha Lee, – Full Article

Great EP Review by Traxx Radio

Traxx Radio were kind enough to plug our new EP Idle Away as FEATURE ALBUM OF THE WEEK on their website!

Here’s a snippet from the review below: (for full article click here)

This four-track release is a pleasant surprise with a surge of instrumentation right from the first track ‘Growing Pains.’ The song is full of energy and is a perfect example of experimentation of new sounds and styles that far too many artists seem afraid to try.

With a sprinkle of Regina Spektor, a splash of Kate Miller-Heidke and perhaps a dash of Sarah Blasko, Miss Elm has developed an amalgamation of each to produce a fresh and unforgettable sound. This creativity produces an addictive force within the EP that makes you want to listen again and again.

The second track has us head into ‘Space’ and brings us back into the true vocal form that seasoned fans would be familiar with. The pace quickens again in the third track with ‘Baby Song.’ This catchy tune reinforces the progression she has made since her initial releases including the traxx Top 50 hit ‘2nd Hand.’