NEW Single, ‘Ice Man’, Out Now!

Miss Elm’s long-awaited first single of 2015 has arrived! It’s available to stream (for free) and to download (for a little sugar) on bandcamp.

When it comes to creating music that is both lyrically engaging and sonically uplifting, Miss Elm do not disappoint. Now, the Brisbane four-piece offer their latest single, Ice Man, a stunningly-crafted track that explores what it means to discover that you never really knew someone.

Despite its name and the story that inspired it, Ice Man is anything but cold. Tracked live and produced by Phil Graham, and mastered by Adam Quaife, Ice Man combines the warm, unique tone of the baritone ukulele with layers of vocal harmonies and flute. The song is carried by a rhythmic vocal line and driving percussion, with a winding bassline threaded throughout.

Ice Man is the first Miss Elm track for 2015, and the first Miss Elm song to be composed on the baritone ukulele. Written during a time of creative exploration for the band, and a time of personal turmoil and growth for songwriter Erin Harrington, the song has evolved from a cathartic ballad to a radio-ready fan favourite.

“Fight flames with feathers, even though it’s icy weather.”

Ice Man, the highly-anticipated single from Miss Elm, is available for download now.

Miss Elm are Erin Harrington, Lucinda Bopf, James Lord, and James Peeters.